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Lecturer Jobs 2023 Notifications at Top India Government Colleges & Universities Today

Lecturer jobs 2023

Looking for Government lecturer jobs in India? Check out latest Lecturer jobs notifications released featuring lecturer vacancy and post graduate teacher vacancy announcements from across all Indian schools, colleges and universities. Aspirants who have completed Graduation and Post graduation in relevant subject are eligible to apply to India’s top colleges, universities and institutes for the lecturer post. The Sarkarijobs lecturer and PGT jobs portal will provide you with daily update for all vacancies announced today at one place.

Latest Lecturer Jobs in Government Schools, Colleges & Universities Today:

Lecturer Jobs in India

A Lecturer is a teaching position in a higher education institution, it’s generally considered as a entry-level position after completing a master’s degree. The job responsibilities of a Lecturer include teaching undergraduate or graduate-level courses, preparing lesson plans and materials, and grading student assignments. They may also be responsible for advising students, developing curriculum, and participating in department meetings and committees. To find Lecturer jobs in India, you can search online job portals such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Sarkari teaching jobs, as well as the websites of individual colleges and universities.

Career as Lecturer in India

The popularity of career path for lecturer is greatly influenced by the growing number of colleges and universities in India, as well as the high demand for education in India. Additionally, the Indian government has been investing in higher education and research to boost the country’s economic growth, which has created more opportunities for teaching and research in universities and colleges. However, the popularity of this career path can also vary depending on the specific subject area and region. Additionally, competition for Lecturer jobs can vary depending on the specific field and location, it may be more competitive in certain areas, particularly in urban areas or in high-demand fields such as engineering, management, or computer science.

lecturer jobs notifications
Latest Lecturer Vacancy Notifications Today

Lecturer Job Eligibility

In India, one can appear for interviews for a post of a lecturer after passing the Test conducted by the University Grants Commission. The position is equivalent to assistant professor in the US system. The term is not universally applied, with some universities preferring the lecturer/reader/professor titles, while others work with the assistant professor/associate professor/professor title. As such, most lecturers’ position can be considered tenure track.

In many states of India, the term lecturer or Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) is also used for the intermediate college teachers. The intermediate colleges or Junior Colleges are equivalent to higher secondary schools. Such lecturers are subject experts specifically engaged to teach a particular subject in higher classes.

Lecturer Salary and Pay Scale in India

The salary for Lecturer jobs in India can vary depending on factors such as the institution, subject area, and location. The average salary for a Lecturer in India is around 6 Lakhs per year. However, pay can range from around 3 Lakhs per year to 10 Lakhs per year or more. Additionally, some universities and colleges offer additional benefits such as housing allowances, research grants, and opportunities for promotion. Keep in mind that the pay may also vary depending on the type of institution such as government or private, and funding. It’s worth noting that the salary of Lecturer is generally lower than Assistant Professor or Associate Professor as it’s considered as an entry-level position, but higher than Instructor.

Lecturer jobs today

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